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Without standards, there can be no improvement.Taiichi Ohno
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Create Work Instruction Sheets Quickly on Methodwizard Software.
Store and Archive Created Documents on your Server or PC.
Authorized Users Use Web Browser to Create, Modify and View the Documents.

Standardized Work and Start Making Improvements Immediately.

Identify Non-Value Added Activities with Value Analysis Module and Track the Improvements with Measurable KPI Targets.
Web-based, Work Instruction Archive with Revision Tracking,
Value Added, Non-Value Added Activity Analysis

Welcome to Methodwizard!

Methodwizard is a software for manufacturers who need a professional tool to use in lean manufacturing to create work instruction sheets and to improve operations by defining Value-Added Activities and Non-Value-Added Activities while watching the recorded video of an operation.

Web-based Software

Methodwizard is a pure web-based software that can be installed into a server for role based usage or standalone.


  • Role-based authorization.
  • Create and archive work instruction sheets quickly.
  • Document approval mechanism between drafting and publishing stages.
  • Automatic document revision tracking.
  • Creating work instruction sheets from recorded operation videos.
  • Save time with video speed accelerator.


Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.Henry Ford
Where there is no Standard there can be no Kaizen.Taiichi Ohno